July 16, 2019 in So Beautifully Broken Original Jewelry

So Beautifully Broken Brand Rep Search

•• I’m officially holding my first ever REP SEARCH! ••
If this works out the way I hope it does I’ll select a new set of Reps every few months (quarterly)!
I’m not necessarily looking for large follower counts, more creativity and styling.  More precisely, clean and clear shots, either body or flat layout that showcases the brand!
What you get:  
» One piece of jewelry from the shop a month for three months (so three pieces total!!)
» a special coupon code just for your followers!
» 4-6 promotional posts per month.  So, At least once a week!
» share any sales or promos going on in my shop to your story at least once or twice a week! (For example: a story on Thursday reminding your followers of our weekly sale, or just share one of my posts to your story to shout out a new price, etc. etc.)
How to enter:
» Must be following @so.beautifullybroken and have a public profile
» repost this photo to your profile either in a bundle of some of your own photos, or in a collage so I can see your style. (Bonus if your photos already #sobeautifullybroken jewelry in it! But not required!)
» use the hashtag #SBBrepsearch so I can see all your entries! (This is important and what I will be looking at to choose!) AND tag @so.beautifullybroken in the photo and comments to be sure I don’t miss it! 
» tell me where your from and what jewelry pieces you’d like to use in your Rep photos! 
» TAG a friend on this post 
» you’ll need to be 18 years of age or have a parents permission to participate!
> ENDS JULY 31st!
Photo by the amazing @hollymorelockphotography, and just to stand as an example of what I’m looking for!