August 16, 2020 in So Beautifully Broken Original Jewelry

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I love seeing and hearing your stories.  We are all truly united in our brokenness.

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Dear Terri,  I bought one of your pieces a few years back.  It was a beautifully broken necklace.  It had meaning to me!  I felt like you put into words how I felt.  I was married for 18 years to my husband.  It was not a good marriage, he had slapped me when we were dating.  I was 16 at the time.  Too young to see the red flags.  Married him 2 years later.  I didn’t want to tell my parents cause i didn’t want them to worry, but I did tell my Aunt if I ended up dead to please have him arrested..For 18 years I went through first physical abuse and then with him being in military and afraid he would lose his career, he went to mental abuse. 

He cheated on me with his own brothers wife.  He humiliated me and beat me down repeatedly. I was locked into my own bedroom and unable to come out unless he was gone.  He threw me and the kids into the streets cause he did not want us. 
I finally flew back to Illinois for family support as I could not live in the streets w children.  My parents took me in till I could get on my feet.

That was 22 years ago!   The only way I made it through was by Gods love and the people he sent my way to literally pick me up off the floor.  God took the broken pieces and put me back together!  Their are still some cracks but that is so the SON can shine through!  Beautifully broken!  Thank you for listening!  God bless you!  Rhonda