August 4, 2017 in Modern Mom, Ramblings of a Crazy woman

New Year, New Direction… New Magic

New Year, New Direction… New Magic

People often talk about the magic of the new year in January, when nothing about it ever feels “NEW.”

Its right in the middle of the school year, your tired after all the holiday festivities… nothing really magic about it. (or NEW for that matter)

But in the fall, when the weather starts to cool, and all the kids are starting back to school, with new clothes and new books, and in a new grade, making new friends… there is magic in that.

Today i dropped my princess off for her last first day of middle school, and i took this photo (below) and it hit me, this is the first, first day of school photo I’ve ever taken without her brother.  Her brother who graduated last year and will start college later this month.  <<Her brother whom, I’ve spent the majority of this morning trying to help sign into his College Account to access his classes and get his books ordered. #help>>

Though there is sadness (a great deal of it if I’m being honest), there is also magic in these new beginnings and a since of direction…

Since i often express myself and my feelings in jewelry… Here are a couple pieces i made this morning inspired by the new school year… and heres wishing all the kids and teachers going back to school this morning the magic of new beginnings and direction!

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Due North Dangle Earrings
She believed she could so she did



<3, Terri


So Beautifully Broken