October 4, 2016 in Ramblings of a Crazy woman, So Beautifully Broken Original Jewelry

Queen of Damn Near EVERYTHING.

Ive always battled anxiety.


I sit and i worry, and dwell, and overthink things.  Constantly.

I try to keep my Shi*t together but it most of the time its all over the place.


Sunday Big Lots was having its annual 20% OFF EVERYTHING sale and i was loading up a set of book shelves for the princess’s room (She’s an avid reader <<Like her mama>> and her book collection has gotten a bit out of hand), when i decided to invest in one for myself.

So Yesterday, i stopped EVERYTHING (jewelry, mom stuff, WORRYING) and spent the day organizing my workspace.



Ill spare you the “before” pictures, (trust me, you’ll thank me) and just show you the After.

Im a single mom, i work from home… and this little studio space has been my “Place” for the last almost eight years.  Its my workbench, my studio, my office… EVERYTHING So Beautifully Broken is manufactured by hand at this old farmhouse table.


Today, i have worked SO MUCH more efficiently that i actually find myself just sitting here basking in the peacefulness that come with organization.  So much so i obviously have time to type up this little ‘behind the jewelry scene’ post.


The moral of the story is… Today, i feel like the Queen of Damn Near EVERYTHING.  But give me a few minutes and I’m sure ill find something to stress about.


In the meantime, if you happened to look at that studio space closely… YES, that is a pocket James Alexander Malcolm Makenzie Fraser stand up on the top shelf of my newly organized bookcase.  Along side of a photo of Jason Momoa and myself… as well as my collection of signed Hardbacks from Karen Marie Moning, Deborah Harkness, and my dear friend Fiona Summerville.  Because… i hold the status of Book Nerd QUEEN in this house.  (though the princess is following ever closely in my footsteps.)

You can purchase your own “Queen of Damn Near Everything” necklace HERE.