October 5, 2016 in Modern Mom, Ramblings of a Crazy woman, So Beautifully Broken Original Jewelry

Don’t Follow your dreams, CHASE THEM.

A day in the life of a modern working mother…
My day often staters around 5:30am (depending on how many times i slap the snooze button), when i get the kids up for school.
While they’re getting ready and my coffee is brewing i am answering emails that came in over night, responding to posts and other messages, listing new items on my website, printing off orders and generally prepping for my day.


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After dropping the princess off at school (the boy is driving now! *mom tears*), by 7:30am I’m at the jewelry bench working on orders, new items, and stock pieces, where I stay until about 3:pm at which time i am doing my post office runs when i pick the princess back up from school.
Now this is where is gets fun… in-between running to ballgames, appointments, practices, homework, dealing with teenage breakdowns, and the MANY-MANY other mom-associated tasks, I’m bouncing from the bench touching up things i didn’t get done during the day, answering emails, messages, posts, and texts that came while i was working, trying to post new items on social media so you all can see what ive been up to, AND cooking dinner.
Afterwards, around 8ish, I’m either back at the jewelry bench finishing up yet more things i started and couldn’t finish (because #momlife), or on the computer answering more messages, posts, and questions, listing more items that online, and trying to tie up everything for the night…
I don’t generally ‘lay my head down’ until around 11, and i say ‘lay my head down’ because I’m not actually asleep. Im a woman, therefore I’m laying in bed for hours thinking about the thousand things i didn’t get done that day, the 2,000 things i need to get done the following day, questioning if my kids are happy and if I’m a good mom and I’m not actually completely screwing them up… and if i fed the dog or not. (no, I’m not kidding)


I have no idea what time my brain actually shuts down, but considering how i feel when i literally crawl out of bed the next morning I’m guessing its LATE.
So, in case your counting, my “work” day is generally around 18 hours long with NO lunch break or down time.
In fact, i count days that i actually get a shower as productive.
This is chasing dreams. Hustling. Trying to make a better life. This is the american Dream. This… is what you are supporting when you SHOP SMALL, SHOP HANDMADE, and SHOP LOCAL.


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