September 15, 2020 in BRAND REPS, features, GIVEAWAY, So Beautifully Broken Original Jewelry

Giveaway Reminder and Brand Rep Highlight

Just a little reminder that our GIVEAwAY is still up and running!

A winner will be selected September the 22nd, so you have plenty of time to enter!

AND three different ways to WIN!

Follow the links below to ENTER!




Also, continuing on with your Brand Representative Highlights, Id like you all to meet Ashley.

Hey there! I am Ashley, nerd extraordinaire. I’ve been a brand rep for Terri for a little while now and I’ve loved every moment of it!
What exactly is a brand rep? Well the short answer is it’s someone who takes photos and promotes a company on Instagram, but in reality it’s so much more than that.
You meet some amazing shop owners as well as other awesome brand reps. I’ve made some amazing friendships, that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise thanks to being a rep. You also get a behind the scenes look at just how much these small shop owners do. And trust me it’s mind blowing. I’m in awe of just how much they do. There is so much more than what is seen on social media.
A huge part of being a rep is the photos. I have so much fun creating unique images showing off items. I love photography, so I’m always pushing myself to come up with new and creative shots. And I never miss an opportunity to show off my nerdy side.  So my advice to you if you’re looking to rep for a company is be passionate about the company you want to rep for. Don’t be in it for free stuff! These small shops work their butts off, so if you aren’t interested simply don’t do it. And be yourself! Let your personality come through in your photos and you posts. 
Tumbler & cup are by @bellusoddities 

Sometime later this fall I’ll be hosting a Brand Rep search for 2021, Ive loved the ladies I’ve had this round SO MUCH, that I’ve begged them to stay on all year.  I thought it would be helpful to have each of them share about their experience and highlight some of my favorite photos from them to give anyone interested in joining the So Beautifully Broken team and idea of what goes into being an official brand representative.

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All phots in this post are taken and supplied by Ashley Rose, official So Beautifully Broken Brand Representative