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Every great dream begins with a dreamer…

And I am a dreamer.

I had this little dream about starting a business that inspired others with wearable words as daily motivation… a gypsy free thinking community minded lifestyle brand that uplifted and supported others through real life, quotes, song lyrics, etc., simply stamped into pieces of metal in the form of jewelry art.

“The World breaks everyone. It’s afterward, that some are STRONGEST in the BROKEN places.” –Unknown

I believe that it is our imperfections that make us beautiful, our mistakes that make us who we are.

I like to buy big boxes of tangled and broken jewelry, old worn out leather belts, and tarnished vintage flatware, meticulously going through these findings salvaging anything that can be used or repurposed.

Everything I recover was once new and attractive and like so many of us the world has broken them. But just because things are broken, doesn’t mean they are not beautiful…they are in fact, beautifully broken.

“There is no greater agony then bearing and untold story.” –Maya Angelo

My pieces are a reflection of my own story.

Let me make you a Unique Customized piece as an expression to help you tell your story.

Terri Ellenburg
So Beautifully Broken

Handcrafted JewelryThere is a standard 5-7 Business Days processing time on all orders/pieces.  It usually does NOT take this long but please keep in mind that it could because each piece is made one at a time, by hand.

Recent Products

  • Mama Bear Genuine leather Cuff bracelet

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  • Personalized hand stamped money clip for Dad

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  • Dream Big Flying Pig Necklace

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  • Queen of Damn near EVERYTHING Necklace

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  • Because Adulting is Hard Coffee Cup Necklace

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  • Personalized ‘Signature” Keychain with yours or your loved ones handwritten message

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  • With Brave wings she flies genuine leather cuff bracelet

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  • Wonder Woman bracelet

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  • Thelma and Louise Genuine leather cuff bracelet Set

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  • Roots and Wings Necklace

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  • Buffalo Gypsy Genuine leather belt cuff bracelet

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  • “wild as a mink” Tennessee Bracelet

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